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Rodina InDev Demo / Full Game: Torrent (please seed!)
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Rodina is current in development. Please download the demo, see if it works, and see how you like it. Then (if you like) come back here and pay what you think it's worth. You'll get a key which will unlock the demo into a full game!

Pay What You Want!

NOTICE: Rodina does not work on all computers. PLEASE try the demo before you buy!

Get the full, current version of Rodina for whatever price you think is fair. Every dollar you spend will fund Rodina's future development!

The amount that you've spent will assign you to a reward Tier as listed below.

You can add onto your purchase total - and tier - any time!

All prices are in US Dollars.


< $15
Unlock the demo and play the full game as long as you want!
(This tier does not include future updates)
(Minimum purchase $2)
All you can eat! Free access to updates as Rodina grows over time! Also included: complimentary Rodina key for Steam!
Take part in official votes on what Elliptic works on next. Have a direct impact on Rodina's development!
Special thanks in the Rodina credits.
High Roller
Gamble on Elliptic's future! You get all future PC games we make for free, for as long as Elliptic exists. We'll also put your picture in a special "thank you" section of the Rodina web site.
El Presidente
"Executive Producer" credit in all games Elliptic ever makes. We'll hang your picture up in the office in perpituity. We'll call you "Sir" or "Ma'am". And if you are ever in Portland Oregon, Brendan will happily take you to lunch! Call ahead :)